Full Control From Forest to Mill

Terminal Forest Products does business differently. We not only specialize in Western Red Cedar, but we also own everything—from raw material to finish, giving us complete control over the quality of the products we create. Because our manufacturing process is so unique, so are our products, with every Western Red Cedar product that leaves our facilities classified as above “standard” grade. With four divisions working together, Terminal produces superior products every time. 


Spanning thirty-five acres, our Langdale sorting facility is hard to miss. In addition to being a notable Howe Sound landmark itself, our thirty-five-acre property is located amongst everything that makes British Columbia beautiful—dramatic mountain ranges, lush forests, and gentle waters. With deep-water access, our Langdale facility allows for efficient transportation, log sorting, grading, and scaling, as well easy shipment to your manufacturing facility. 


  • Log sorting
  • Grading
  • Scaling


Located on the banks of the Fraser River, our Mainland Sawmill Division has called Vancouver home for decades. By offering premium custom cutting and precision services, Mainland has earned a reputation as Canada’s preferred custom cutting facility on the West Coast. Our team’s flexibility and experience ensures that you get an optimum return on your logs and that every cut offers the best utilization. 


  • Premium custom cutting


Featuring the latest technology, Terminal Sawmills Division is a modern, efficient manufacturing facility located on Mitchell Island in Richmond.  Covering thirty-two acres, Terminal Sawmills has undergone tremendous growth in response to the demand for Western Red Cedar products and produces an average of 500 Mfbm per shift of red cedar. With a two-line high-speed sawmill, a planer mill, a resaw plant, four gas-fired dry kilns, and a chip and residual loading facility, Terminal Sawmills offers world-class manufacturing. 


  • Manufacturing


This state-of-the-art remanufacturing facility, located in Everson, Washington, has been part of Terminal Forest Products since 1991, undergoing extensive rebuilds and improvements to achieve Terminal’s standard of highly-valued finished products. SELCO remanufactures close to four-hundred high-value finished products for Terminal, including specialty clear finishes and a complete range of engineered products.


  • Remanufacturing
  • Finished Products

The Terminal difference — four divisions working together to produce quality Western Red Cedar products.