pushing the boundaries of BC Cedar

We’re not a huge corporation—we’re specialists. When Asa Johal founded Terminal Forest Products, his mandate was to train experts and build a business founded on quality, not quantity. So, while we aren’t known as the “big guy” in the sawmill industry, what we are known as is the “big guy” when it comes to quality cedar. 



Taking Care of the Environment

By procuring cedar logs from reputable vendors, we are only working with companies who have invested in harvest and reforestation plans, and together, we are contributing to the sustainable management of the coastal forests that define the Pacific Northwest. Our team reviews each company we work with to ensure that their harvest and reforestation plans are sound, and that they embody the social and cultural values we stand for. 



Our Facilities

We might not be a giant, but we’ve grown since 1962. With four state-of-the-art divisions employing over five hundred people, we continue to deliver the same high-quality products you’ve come to expect from Terminal. Each of our four divisions contribute to our reputation of excellence, whether they are producing Western Red Cedar timber, boards, trim, decking, fascia, siding, or other custom cedar products. We deliver only the best. 



Breaking Boundaries in the Industry